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LED, Light art festival ASCENTS, KulturRegion Stuttgart | temporary piece in Vaihingen, 2016
Gunda Foerster, FLOWING TEARS GLISTEN, LED, 2016


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– LED, acrylic cover
The night sky above the town of Vaihingen an der Enz is lit up with three words in huge blue LED letters.
The bridge over the Enz glows with the adjective FLOWING, the castle is illuminated with the noun TEARS,
and the church tower bears the verb GLISTEN. When combined, these three words create a poetic, almost
magical phrase. But they can also stand alone. With her words, artist Gunda Förster offers a point of departure
and a reason for envisioning this specific place and space, and creates an associative process that throws up memories, emotions and questions.
(extract from the programme)